Transfer Files Between Two Computers
Whether you are upgrading your system or simply want to share files between computers Shopjourney, you
can save lot of time if you know the successful tips to Transfer Files between Computers.
Purchasing new computer is like redecorating a house where the primary aim is to personalize
the settings and ambiance of the house to make it look and feel homey. Same is also applicable
when you buy a new computer. The moment you bring home a computer you start transferring
the files from your old system to the new one so that you can have all right at your fingertips. If
you are not aware from where to start, then here are few ways that can make Transfer of Files
between Computers a breeze for you.

5 Easy Ways to Transfer Files Between Computers on the Same Network

Using External Storage Media
Of course, it is the basic and the easiest way to Transfer Files from one PC to another. Insert a
USB flash drive into one computer and copy the data and transfer the copied data to another
computer from the same drive. It is the easiest and simplest way to transfer files and large data,
however it is quite time consuming and lot of mess are involved in the process.
Transfer Files over LAN and Wi-Fi
For computer systems that are located close to each other, there are two different ways to
share and Transfer Files between two Computers. First is to create a LAN or local area network
so that you can use one system to access the hard drives of other system through LAN network.
The second is to use software programs to transfer files using Wi-Fi network.
 Sharing Drive – Almost all the operating systems usually come with in-built option to
create LAN or home network. This network allows the systems to recognize each other
that are connected to same router, thus making the transfers and sharing of files a
breeze and simple between computers.
 Sharing With Software – If the computers are connected with the same Wi-Fi network,
then you can use software programs to share files and data with ease. It can be done
without setting up any home network. You will find several applications and software
programs that can instantly transfer large files in seconds.

How To Share Files Between Two Windows PCs - CCM

Transfer Through HDD or SSD Manually
If you are transferring or sharing files from old computer to newly bought computer, then it can
be done easily with HDD. The Solid State Drives and Hard Disk Drives make use of standard
SATA cables to connect it with the motherboard of the system. There is also an external SATA
port where you can connect the old hard drive. Your operating system will instantly recognize the new HDD and the transferring of files will state instantly. It is the fastest solution to
Transfer Files from PC to PC.
Transfer with Cables
There are some basic cables on which you can rely upon when it comes to transfer data
between computers. It is quite faster compared to using drives for transfer because the transfer
of data happens simultaneously from PC to PC.