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As technology leaps forward with innovations, businesses undergo a test of adaptability. Those companies that can quickly adapt to technological changes manage to stay relevant. The others are pushed back and lose the race. One such innovation that is making its way into the corporate world is the smart touch. Corporate companies are shifting to smart film for different applications.

What is a smart film?

Smart film is a product whose transparency level can be controlled with a switch. It enables us to make a cabin/workspace more private as and when we require. Apart from privacy, it filters UV rays and provides protection. Its self-adhesive property makes it easy to integrate the film with existing systems. 

Why should corporates use smart film?

The smart film application in corporate like touch it solution is plenty. We shall discuss the applications one by one. 

  • Advertising

When the film is off, it creates a space for digital advertisements. With high contrast, it functions as a rear projection screen. Space can be used to run advertisements about the company, banners about upcoming events. The office can even rent out space for small businesses to advertise about their enterprise. 

  • Health and hygiene

With rising cleanliness standards and health concerns, hygiene is an integral factor in any office. Traditional curtains seem like a barrier to achieving the best level of cleanliness. It comes in contact with the dust around, and people can touch it as well. Regularly washing the curtains, is another chore. Thus, may office spaces and medical centres are switching to smart films. In hospitals, the benefits of the smart film are three-fold-

  • One can maintain a sterile environment.
  • It doubles up as a partition to ensure patient privacy.
  • The display feature can be used to view patient stats.
  • Windows or glass partitions

When you have blinds or curtains, you can either have privacy or natural light. But with a smart film, both are no more mutually exclusive. You can have instant privacy with a switch. However, it also allows 70% of diffused light to pass through. Thus, you depend less on artificial lighting solutions. 

In a way, a smart film reduces energy consumption and reduces your electricity bills. It is in no way a compromise because your corporate space looks naturally brighter. 

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  • Retail stores

Today, most of the retail stores have banners or digital screens at the front, to display advertisements and offers. It blocks the view of potential customers. 

With the installation of the smart film, retail stores promise full transparency to their potential customers. It is known to build trust among customers as they can see everything inside the store even without entering it. The smart film can also double up as a screen for ads and promotions.

Your infrastructure investment and maintenance costs come down drastically with the smart film. It is because office spaces will no more need shades, blinders or curtains for their windows. They can have their own advertisement spaces too. The elegance that transparent partitions and designs add to a corporate office is the cherry on the cake.