It seems that the way in which we buy and receive our clothing online could change dramatically in the coming years. The age of 3D printing is set to rock the world in years to come and clothing is just one of the many items you can print third dimensionally. Home wares, accessories, food, jewellery, and even body parts will be obtainable by printing from a computer or similar device. Clothing and fashion are just a couple of the many industries that may change due to the invention of 3D printing in our homes.

At the moment three dimensional printing is only used in manufacturing and production as well as factories. These are usually large machines and produce many products at any one time. But soon a smaller version of the larger machines could be placed in every home in the country and achieve the same result. Just by heading to your favourite online store and clicking on exactly what you want to buy, the said product could be printed into your home and in your hands within a matter of minutes. The revolutionary idea is a fashion lover’s dream. Any last minute clothing disasters could be avoided just by printing off a new outfit online.

It could also revolutionise the way in which we choose our fashion and the labels we wear. For instance if a womens designer clothing brand wanted to reach out to more of its customers, it could do just that by making 3D printing accessible to its buyers. But another womens designer clothing brand that chooses not to go with the idea may lose customers to those who do use the printing technique.

With the ever growing pace of the fashion world continuing to speed up, the idea that you could have the latest looks and styles in your hands within minutes, could be the way forward for many designers, brands and clothing stores. It may also lead to a rise in online fashion stores as clothing companies who do not already have a shop available on the web will need one to be able to allow their customers to 3D print their stock.

Of course, all of this is due in many years to come. Most of the equipment to be used in 3D printing is very expensive and not yet accessible enough to be placed in homes. But eventually, we will be able to have a fresh look or a new outfit in just a matter of minutes without even having to leave the house.